VFX Supervision, Virtual Production, & Technical Consulting.
Program, Project, & Product Management.

About Me

VFX, Virtual Production, Tech Enthusiast, Multidisciplinary Creative

Best known as co-author of the globally recognized Brazil Rendering System - a high-performance, production quality GI ray trace renderer.

My history is primarily as a technical specialist and entrepreneur. I love working alongside creatives to achieve a vision. I enjoy working to understand a problem-space and serving as a liaison between teams and parties with varying, sometimes conflicting goals -- and with differing languages of expertise. I'm hands on, enjoy working on-set, and thrive under pressure, especially when I'm troubleshooting and improvising creative solutions to on-the-spot problems. I pride myself on my artistic sensibilities and my ability to match looks on projects -- whether matching a non-photoreal property or helping to invisibly integrate VFX elements into photographed imagery.



  • 5+ years industry ”Production Staff” roles; supervision, technical production, consultating, bids;

  • 9 years ”In-Studio;” VFX, TD, coder, digital artist;

  • 20+ years leadership experience; C-Level, directorship, & management positions;

  • 10+ years Technical Project/Program/Product Management;

  • Deep understanding of SFX, VFX, and animation techniques - optical & virtual methodologies;

  • History of successful contract negotiations, grant writing, and proposals;

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